Periodic Structures

Various Customers

Electron Beam Lithography can produce a great diversity of periodic structures with extremely precise pitch control and uniformity.

Resist image of 30 nm diameter dots on 80 nm spacing.

Resist cross-section of linear grating, 80 nm lines on 600 nm pitch. The resist is a PMMA Bilayer stack with undercut profile for liftoff.

Top-down resist image of 130 nm circles on 400 nm pitch.

Chirped square grating in resist, with 150 nm period, square size varying from 130 nm down to 20 nm. The second image is a close-up on the center of the array.

Tilted resist image of a linear grating, 150 nm period, 50 nm line/100 nm space, written in 200 nm thick resist.

Array of crosses with 120 nm limb-width.