Diamond Photonics for Quantum Information Processing

Nicole Thomas, Kai-Mei Fu
Dept of Electrical Engineering & Dept of Physics, University of Washington

(Optical Spintronics and Sensing Lab)

Our research focuses on hybrid GaP/diamond photonic networks for entanglement generation of nitrogen-vacancy (NV) spin states. GaP provides the photonic device layer while the NV center provides the photon-coupled quantum spin state. This research focuses on the design and fabrication of photonic networks consisting of optical ring resonators, waveguides, and input/output couplers for the integration of NV in photonic circuits.

We simulated the modes of a 1.3 um diameter, 200 nm wide GaP ring resonator in air (2D, top view) and a 1.3 um diameter, 200 nm wide GaP ring resonator on a 600 nm high diamond pedestal (3D, cross section) with a 637 nm source. Microcavities are necessary to enhance and collect the desired ZPL emission from NV centers.   

Hybrid GaP/diamond devices require the transfer to or growth of GaP on the diamond substrate. We are evaluating several possibilities for the transfer of GaP membranes and its direct growth on diamond with regard to device performance and ease of fabrication.