Documentation Overview

Here you will find lots of documentation about using our e-beam system. You will note that much of this will require you to be an authenticated user of the e-beam system and enter a username & password to prove it. The reason for this security is that the information contained in these restricted documents are considered proprietary or commercially sensitive by the respective authors, and we cannot publicly release these details. (In other words, they don’t want their competition to know all the details about their hardware or software.) If you need a username and password to get access to these documents, please contact Rick Bojko.

Open Documentation

If you’re just getting started, you should probably start by reviewing this brief overview of the process. It gives some very important background information about how the overall process works. You should also review the important information on the Safety page; while e-beam is not a particularly risky operation, we want to make sure everyone remains as healthy as when they started.

Restricted Documentation

When you’re ready for in-depth details, here are some other (protected) links you can use:

  • GenISys - pattern data processing software
  • JEOL system documentation. A veritable wall of documentation. Useful as a reference, but probably not so useful if you’re just getting started.