Pattern Preparation Overview

We use Beamer, from GenISys Gmbh, to convert pattern data from .GDS (GDS-II) data format into the JEOL machine format, called J52, or JEOL52. Pattern data must be in J52 format for the e-beam system to write. Preparation of pattern data for e-beam can be quite simple, or can be very complex. This is the nature of e-beam lithography - there is great flexibility and capability, but harnessing all of that flexibility requires significant complexity.

You can step through a simple example on the Getting Started page.

Some nitty-gritty details about how to name files, transfer them to the JBX ebeam computer and where to put them there are located on this page.

You can see the full possibilities in BEAMER by looking at the BEAMER manual , or view some training videos from GenISys. (password required.)

There are more details about some of the finer points and more advanced features of BEAMER, including: