Additional Resources

Here are a few places you’ll find further information about CAD and Design:

KLayout itself can be found here:

Some useful user documentation is found here:

There’s a lot of very useful information in the Editor QuickStart Manual: which will be helpful to you as you get more familiar with KLayout. I’d recommend that you scan through this as you are learning. Another online page with further information is

There’s some useful general information about designing, especially making masks for contact photolithography here:

From the Stanford Nanofabrication Facility: In particular, the “Contact Mask Design Principles” and “Photomask Basics” at this page provide a wealth of useful design details.

From the Cornell Nanofabrication Facility: provide useful information, especially for contact lithography mask plates, and this page provides some details about alignment marks for contact lithography systems:, including some design files you can download.