The UW - Washington Nanofabrication Facility has purchased a site license for LayoutEditor, from Juspertor UG. LayoutEditor is an extremely powerful, full-featured CAD package for layout of electronics, MEMs and other nano-scale patterns, either for making a photomask or creating patterns for our JEOL ebeam lithography system.

In addition to all of the usual features you would expect in a GDS-II file editor, LayoutEditor includes:
  • Control of shape angles
  • Rich variety of curved shapes
  • Font/Text generation
  • Powerful Boolean Operations on shapes or layers
  • C++ Macros
  • Python Scripting
  • Design Rule Checker
  • Netlist-driven Layout
  • Schematic Editor
  • Supported File Formats include: GDSII, OASIS, OpenAccess, CIF, Gerber, LEF, DEF, and many more.

LayoutEditor is cross-platform, and will run on MacOS, Windows, or Linux.

Getting LayoutEditor

You can download the latest version of LayoutEditor here:
The program you download will execute in "Basic" mode, a freeware version of LayoutEditor. To enable the full feature set, you need to get a license key.

Getting a License Key

To enable your copy of LayoutEditor as the Full, licensed & paid version, send an email to the EBL tool owner or to the main WNF contact address asking for a license key. Include your UW-NetID, which OS you use (Mac, Windows, and/or Linux), and which department and research group you are in. You will receive an email back with a simple license "key" file, which will enable the full version on your computer.

Licensing Details - Please Read

Juspertor, the company that makes LayoutEditor, is a small business producing a very high-quality, specialized product, They have provided a very generous site license to UW, without the overhead of a network or hardware license server. We need to respect their company and their license limitations. Our site license for LayoutEditor can be used only by current students, staff or faculty of the University of Washington, and only on computers provided by and located at the University of Washington. If the license is installed on a laptop owned by the University of Washington, that laptop may then be used offsite. They also provided a "Reduced" license that may be used on personal computers of faculty, staff, or students of the Univ of Washington -- request this if you would like to use this license as well.)

Please do not provide your license file to anyone else. This will help us maintain good relations with the company, and help them stay in business.

Corporate or other outside users of the MFF may purchase licenses of their own directly from Juspertor for very reasonable fees.

Learning To Use LayoutEditor

I have written a local introductory tutorial for the CAD principles and some examples of how to use LayoutEditor for your microfabrication CAD.

All documentation for LayoutEditor is supplied online, mostly in WIKI format.

and here: