Another alternative CAD package is KLayout, which is a freeware CAD package that can generate, edit, and view complex designs. It is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. You can download KLayout here. EBeam users can also use KLAYOUT on the ebeam data prep computer.

I’ve created a tutorial to show you both the principles of CAD using KLayout; you can find that tutorial here.

Otherwise, there are several documentation pages on line, but they assume you’re at least somewhat familiar with CAD principles.

Also, feel free to ask me if you have any questions. I’ve used many different CAD programs, and I will try to help with any problems you might have. The one glaring exception to the previous sentence is AutoCAD/DXF format. Like several of my colleagues at other ebeam user facilities, I’ve wasted too much time trying to debug DXF file translation problems, and therefore, am warning you up front that I will not support use of DXF CAD format here. If you want to try it, I can’t stop you, but I also won’t spend any time helping you, and it might cost you real money. Read the full disclaimer about DXF here.